We are currently cooperating with

Skupina Gorenje
Gorenc d.o.o.
Flamula d.o.o.
Meneghetti S.p.A.
Tecno S.p.A.

Business partners for additional treatment

Remše, lakiranje plastičnih in kovinskih izdelkov d.o.o.
Gornik galvanizacija d.o.o.

In the past, we have cooperated with

Eti Elektroelementi
ITW Metalflex
Elma Rowenta
BSHG Nazarje
Tassimepx d.o.o.
Fal d.o.o.
TEKA Portugal S.A.
Zepa S.p.A.
Nuova Terim s.r.l.

Future partners

Maybe you? We will be very happy of your call